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25, with insignificant gains for the Germans. The Germans set fire to a chemical product of sulphur chloride which they had placed in front of their own trenches, causing a thick yellow cloud to be blown towards the trenches of the French and Belgians. The "P helmet" (or "Tube Helmet soaked in sodium phenate was issued by December 1915, and the PH helmet (effective against phosgene) was issued in early 1916. The city, bombarded by artillery fire, was demolished. A History of the Great War in 100 Moments, based on our acclaimed series, is now available as an e-book. Other images show young women wearing, or half-wearing, mildly provocative clothes. A sequence of a dozen images also innocent in their own way was taken by Lieutenant Morgan inside a French brothel known as a "maison tolérée" or "maison close". II (Imperial War Museum and Battery Press.). Battle of Gravenstafel Ridge (22) edit Fields at Langemark-Poelkapelle, facing north towards the German trench from which the gas was released on The German trenches ran approximately from the farmhouse on the left to the group of willow trees on the right.

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His grandson, Dr Rob Anthony, reveals: "Right at the end of his life, he would talk about the young woman he had known in France. History of the Great War Based on Official Documents by Direction of the Historical Section of the Committee of Imperial Defence. During the Second Battle of Ypres,. It was the first mass use by Germany of poison gas on the. Those who were enveloped by the fumes were not able to see each other half a yard apart. One man came stumbling through our lines.  Captain Thomas J Leahy German forces managed to advance and occupy the British line to north and left of the Battalion. Perhaps 70,000 Allied soldiers died between 31 July and 10 November Getty 105/149 First World War A British stretcher party Getty 106/149 First World War German prisoners on a duckboard track at Yser Canal, Belgium, on the opening day of the battle Getty 107/149 First. Ypres and Langemarck areas In the hamlet of Gravenstafel ( 505328N 25844E /.891N.979E /.891;.979 ) at about 5:00.m. Flemish town of, ypres in western, belgium after the, first Battle of Ypres the previous autumn.

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Lt Morgan (on far left, with pipe) with fellow officers, 'somewhere in France' Of the brothels themselves, another British officer recalled: "The Madame took me to an eight-sided room, the walls and ceilings of which were entirely covered with mirrors. Getty Images 2/149 First World War, final moments: The Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand with his wife Sophie in Sarajevo minutes before his shooting. Attitudes to sexuality have changed so much in the past century that I see no reason why they should cause offence today." Read more Speaking of organised prostitution on the Western Front was long a taboo in Britain. The, ypres salient followed the canal, bulging eastward around the town. Despite hundreds of casualties, the 2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers participated without respite in the battles at Frezenberg and Bellewaarde. The French officers, assuming at first that the German infantry were advancing behind a smoke screen, alerted the troops. Messines and Third Ypres (Passchendaele). The Germans overran both divisions' artillery but the survivors rallied and held a new line further back. In 2012, Sheldon gave similar figures and in 2014, Greenhalgh wrote that French casualties had been exaggerated by propaganda against German "frightfulness" and that in 1998, Olivier Lepick had estimated that 8001,400 men were killed by gas in April out of 2,0003,000 French casualties.

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