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Peter Greenaway, Thierry Kuntzel, Joan Logue, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Danielle and Jacques-Louis Nyst, Marcel Odenbach, Tony Oursler, and Pierre Trividic (7 March-6 May). France Founding of the "Producteurs de vidéogrammes associés including artists Nicole Croiset, Jean-Paul Cassagnac, Léa Lublin, François Testut, and Nil Yalter. Spain First National Video Festival, organized by the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, which opens a new era in the history of Spanish video. Theres a reason, I suppose, why we refer to Mother Earth its in part to do with the verdant, fertile nature of the land, but also to the rolling curves as well.

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The opening in the image is reflected: there is as it were a hole in the photo, but this excision is in the shape of a frame, and this frame is pierced where the eyes are, which makes the real face visible by looking. Toshiro se redressa et alla uriner sur des chardons. Thereafter, the avant-garde has increasingly refocused upon itself. The threat creates a state of alertness, of exigency. And once we are beyond the halfway point, we go through the same process all over again in the other direction. Among my most favorite paintings ever would be View of Notre-Dame (1914) by Henri Matisse, that skein of black lines on a blue field, so abstract and yet its all there, the cathedral, the quay, the Seine.


Hot girl meets guy to fuck. It also presents interviews with Robert Cahen, Joëlle de la Casinière, Jean-André Fieschi, and Philippe Quéau. Installations by Michel Jaffrenou and Patrick Bousquet, Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Joan Logue, and Antoni Muntadas, and a performance by Jean-Paul Fargier and Philippe Sollers. It is this grain, this interference and impurity, that Morrens work feeds on, holds up and sets to work. Video retrospectives, installations by Paul De Marinis, Ingo Günther, and others. Elle sétira, glissant et couvrant entièrement ses bras et ses prothèses de jambes. Artists include Absalon, Vito Acconci, Joël Bartoloméo, Dominiaue Gonzalez-Foster, Douglas Gordon, Marie-Ange Guilleminot, and Pipiloti Rist (22 June-8 September). Art here holds architecture upright in a symbolic and disarming way, and the artist evades the properties of gravity and pilots the sculpture into the tensed and load-bearing limits and boundaries of architecture. While Collection literally places people, objects, buildings, heads. Together on a rack, as though the cabinet is a stacking-up of landscapes (and everything equal in scale regardless of actual size Oli-tek depicts an ever-increasing collection of barns around the image, and shadow-image, of an elephant. Netherlands 11th World Wide Video Festival, Kijkhuis, in The Hague, featuring an international selection of recent video productions and multimedia installations (19-25 April). Its all playing off the Lost Highway of his song title, and using it as a representative for all of the many road songs, songs born of the road, of wanderlust, or wandering. Peter Beyls begins his projects for televisions, involving the generation of abstract images with analog computers, with the installation TV Tower at the ipem in Ghent. In a flash, the perceptibility, the corporality, the concreteness of things becomes something imaginary; something you yourself create in your mind. "L'art au corps, le corps exposé de Man Ray à nos jours exhibition at the Musée d'art contemporain in Marseille, curated by Philippe Vergne. France-United States Slowscan hookup between Boston and the American Center in Paris (1 February). See more like love haha WOW SAD angry View on facebook 3 weeks ago Photos from Cook County Recorder Karen A Yarbroughs post We would like to thank the Historic Pullman Foundation the Pullman Civic Group and the 100 residents who came out last night. The works in Oog. 1 Washington 4 1 Will Spokane Washington be evacuated in the near future 1 Walter E Washington Convention Center 1 Pedigree of Sancha de Ayala wife of Sir Walter Blount: Ancestors of George Washington amp Hillary Lillian shooting photo pour site de rencontre ghent Vaughan wife of Jesse Otto Jeffery Scarff. The original intention had been to remake a selection of his previous drawings in a new, standarized format. French artists present include Alain Jomier, Hervé Nisic, and Orlan (December). The MLT Gallery, directed by Fernand Spillemaeckers, distributes tapes by Gerry Schum.

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